Discovering the “Urban Mobility” of Tomorrow in the i-ROAD’s Path

from the External Media

To shed light on the i-ROAD and the OPEN ROAD PROJECT initiative, special edition articles were carried in WIRED VOL. 16 (released for sale on May 11 by CONDE NAST JAPAN).

This is an effort to design the actual “experiences” of users spawned from the approach of visualizing the “Future of Mobility.”
The thinking is not limited to the product cars alone, but rather seeks to perceive urban mobility from the issues related to parking lots, charging spaces and other services. The idea is to furnish options responding to the demands of a wide sphere of consumers, aimed at generous use of complex urban spaces with greater ease and comfort than ever before.
The plan is to zero in on the great potential of the i-ROAD, viewed and analyzed in synchronized fashion and extensive angles through the eyes of the world’s most influential technology media.

“If asked to build up ‘urban mobility’ on a zero base from the technology currently in hand, just what would the results be? The TOYTA i-ROAD is in fact a mobile device positioned to probe the new needs of urban living destined to emerge in the wake of such thinking.” (Reprinted from WIRED magazine, VOL. 16.)

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Discovering the “Urban Mobility” of Tomorrow in the i-ROAD’s Path

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ISSUED : 4 July 2015