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Sound and driving,
resonating in perfect harmony.

Driving and sound. “SOUND-X” is a new brainchild conceived to redefine this relationship.
The aim is not to realize background music, like that flowing from a car stereo,
but rather to bring forth the actual road sound of the i-ROAD itself.
Ideal synchronization of driving and sound – a caliber of mobility
never experienced before.

View the SOUND-X concept movie

View the SOUND-X concept movie

Grand recital of actual driving data.

Utilizing actual driving data from the i-ROAD (CAN data),
numerical values representing the four dimensions of acceleration,
leaning, steering and speed are collected on a real-time basis, and then converted into sound.
The result is a rich sense of harmony between driver operation input,
and sound output deeply stimulating the auditory senses,
piloting the way to a dynamic new driving domain.

The concept of dressing up
sound in different outfits.

Four types of sound.
With the ability to select between specific sounds, to fit the exact time, place and situation, maximum enjoyment can be reaped from all driving scenes.



    Buoyant sound in the image of futuristic motoring.


    Musical rapport in support of
    pleasurable drives over familiar roads.


    The ideal ambience when zipping through channels
    flanked by clusters of high-rise buildings after dark.


    The optimum sound experience for drives bathed
    in gentle breezes blowing off the sea.

Gearing up for a future of
driving sound downloads.

In the natural course of time, it will become possible for anyone
to download SOUND-X when
and wherever the urge strikes.
For that matter, producing your own personal sounds
will also
be everyday affair. When it comes mobility,
there are simply no limits for the joys on the road ahead.