The “i-ROAD for Two”

i-ROAD for Two

This November, the “i-ROAD for Two,” a two-rider version of the i-ROAD
utilizing the Ultra Lightweight Vehicle approval system of Japan’s Ministry of Land,
Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, will hit the roads in the Shibuya Ward district of Tokyo.
Participating duos include parents and children, husbands and wives and other couples and friends.
This vehicle comprises an updated version of the Toyota i-ROAD aimed at adding even greater convenience
and comfort to urban mobility. The debut of the i-ROAD for Two promises to furnish both greater fun on the road
and more topics to talk about, not to mention expanding the places drivers will yearn to motor to.
This new version of the i-ROAD, engineered with just enough cabin space for two,
clearly holds the key to an exciting new dimension of driving mobility.

Getting Out on the Road Together,
in New Mobile Space

Boarding the “i-ROAD for Two” is guaranteed to dramatically expand the sphere of mobility, thereby packing more comfort and fun into your daily routine.
With the ability to zip right along through traffic, and rainy days also posing no problem, this is a great means for mothers to shuttle their kids around.
For husbands and wives and other couples, this revamped i-ROAD will render it so much easier to drive to and park at restaurants you’ve always wanted to try out, commute to the gym together and otherwise dramatically expand your twosome activity sphere.
This unique new concept in mobile space is sure to coax out smiles and other joyful expressions anew on the faces of the two riders onboard.

Ultra Lightweight Vehicle
Approval System

The “Ultra Lightweight Vehicle Approval System” is a scheme adopted by Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism to sanction the operation of vehicles even more compact than the existing category on public roadways.
Toyota Motor Company is taking full advantage of this system to launch demonstration tests for the i-ROAD in Tokyo’s Shibuya Ward.
In harnessing this system, Toyota has revised the sidelights, added the Approaching Vehicle Audible System for use of an automated alarm to alert pedestrians when the vehicle draws near or travels in reverse and otherwise partially retooled the single-seat i-ROAD model.
This represents yet another major step in the ongoing Toyota quest for “greater freedom and latitude in urban mobility.”

Getting Started
from Shibuya Ward

The i-ROAD for Two Demonstration Testing is being implemented jointly with Shibuya Ward in Tokyo.
Actually piloting the tandem-rider version of the i-ROAD in this experiment will be busy mothers
and fathers who need to shuttle their children around here and there.
This winter, we can all look forward to double the number of smiling faces motoring
around the streets of Tokyo in the Toyota i-ROAD!