Instilling Greater Freedom in Urban Mobility.

Back in the days when the motor vehicle was first conceived,
it was heralded as the emergence of a truly limitless means of transportation.
Compared to that spirited fanfare, what is the situation like now? In a nutshell, cities are plagued by congestion, cramped parking access, noise and other nagging problems.
There is no longer a genuine sense of freedom, or liberation, surrounding the domain of urban mobility.

Taking this stark reality to heart, we want to use the launch of the i-ROAD as a pivotal opportunity to restore the freedom to mobility in today’s urban environments.
To move in that direction, more will be needed than to simply further polish the products themselves. It will be vital, that is, to expand our attention to the entire experience and essence of mobility. The thinking here is clear-cut. Regardless of how well a product may be built, if there is no place to park or charge the vehicle, how can we expect the hardware to furnish us with bona fide freedom?

Reengineering the Experience of Urban Mobility from Scratch.

The OPEN ROAD PROJECT has emerged from such aspirations.
In the mission to supply urban users with greater mobility, we are moving beyond the sphere of mere product development. In this initiative, the scope of the work has been expanded to perfection of an all-new mobility experience, envisioned to bring innovative new services onboard as well. Toward that end, the planning, development and other phases of the project have not been limited to the in-house resources of Toyota alone.

On the contrary, working through collaboration with the general public, startups, major scale corporations and other organizations, big and small that share the same vision, the goal is to instill an unparalleled degree of freedom in today’s urban mobility.
Moving ahead on the strength of constructive thinking, flexible ideas and the energy to succeed where others have failed, we are determined to bring dramatic new innovation to both the realm of mobility, and the future of our cities.

Within the OPEN ROAD PROJECT, the Following Three Key Initiatives are Being Implemented.

testing testing


The OPEN ROAD PROJECT involves recruiting test pilots in Tokyo, and putting the i-ROAD, Toyota’s cutting-edge concept vehicle, through its pace for about a month.

prototyping prototyping


The OPEN ROAD PROJECT is oriented to advance unprecedented collaboration with industry partners, championing the quest to bring unique and creative extensions to the i-ROAD experience.

sharing sharing


The latest updates on the project, development process and other timely information will be communicated regularly from the main website, while also interacting with people online, at events and in other means.

The OPEN ROAD PROJECT is the brainchild of the Toyota Mirai Project Department
– a unit formed to explore the future of mobility.

The Mirai Project Department is a laboratory-format team, approximately ten members strong,
located in the exclusive Omotesando quarter of central Tokyo.
Its mission is to probe the prospects of new value for the future.
The unit is engaged in prototyping not only for the cause of new mobility,
but also from the perspective of furnishing unique new user experiences grounded in mobility.