Create your own i-ROAD design.

When you’re moving around in the city,
there’s a greater chance that you’ll be seen by other people,
so why not make it a more enjoyable experience?
You can do just that by having fun and adding your own design
touches to your i-ROAD by creating exterior parts and accessories for yourself.
ROAD KITCHEN was born out of this idea. Drive your own personalized i-ROAD,
which cruises smoothly through city streets.
Doesn’t this vision of the future sound exciting?

Customize your i-ROAD with a 3D printer

A 3D printer enables you to create two items, an exterior part for the front and a bottle/cup holder.
Different exterior designs and colors can generate a totally different impression.
People who have made front parts bearing their initials look happy.
Now it’s your turn to meet your own i-ROAD.

Give shape to your design

Expert engineers convert the design of your choice into 3D data and make a shape with a 3D printer.
The 3D printer takes from several hours up to 20 to 30 hours to make the part and then the part is carefully finished by hand.
This special part of your own design, with the color, glossiness, and texture that you chose, is then delivered to you.

Different designs appeal
to different owners

Customization using a 3D printer is available
on a special easy-to-navigate website.
The front exterior part can be fashioned
from three design options and a choice of 11 colors,
while the bottle/cup holder is available in seven designs
and nine colors for you to choose from.
You can also add your initials.

Four steps to creating
your own i-ROAD

Compiling 3D data

Printing 3D data

Finish machining / Coloring


Making the streets bloom
with uniquely personalized

In the near future, when 3D printers are more widely available
and more easily accessible, personalization of the i-ROAD
will be able to accommodate a wide range of creative inspirations.
It should become possible to turn your own drawing
into a part or to produce original parts created by a popular
designer or perhaps workshops will be organized for people
to create original parts as a group.
Unique i-ROADs reflecting individual tastes
will be found everywhere in the future.