smile lock

The recognition-format power
outlet engineered
for mutual
sharing of electricity

“SMILE LOCK” is engineered to contribute to cultivating a society in which everyone is able to share electricity with full peace of mind. With SMILE LOCK, there is no need to install any new equipment, with use of outlets already existing around town helping to realize an easier and more comfortable charging environment for the i-ROAD. SMILE LOOK, in other words, heralds the debut of a next-generation device crafted to realize the dream of “outlet sharing.”


Outlet customers pay only
for what they use.

One of the major issues involved in building social infrastructure where use of power outlets can be shared consists of the fees charged for use. SMILE LOCK resolves this problem by recording data on the use time and specific users, furnishing a scheme in which customers pay only for the amounts of power they actually consume.
For outlet owners, power outlets normally remaining idle can be used to generate revenue. For i-ROAD drivers, the options for the charging environment can be expanded. In this way, a positive and happy tradeoff will be generated between power outlets and cash flow.

Clarifying charge time

SMILE LOCK is a communication-format device designed to transmit the details of use conditions to the cloud. Readings are taken of charge startup and conclusion, with the duration between those points displayed as “use time.”

Clarifying use fees

The fees based on use time are displayed on a software application. In that way, detailing such fees eliminates any anxiety on the part of both users and owners.

Clarifying users

Before charging begins, information on the user is recorded on the application, with the charge process only commencing at that point. Thanks to this “licensing system,” fraudulent use of sockets can be prevented.

Communication-format outlets to steadily record use status.

With SMILE LOCK conceived as a communications function equipped device, it carries on real-time exchanges with the server over the Internet. Utilizing that capacity, the system steadily records use status, the identities of users, as well as how much charging is performed. This conversion to the Internet of Things (IoT) in power outlets has paved the way to the invention of this dynamic new service.

How to use SMILE LOCK as a
communication-friendly power outlet.

All that’s needed to put SMILE LOCK to use is a smartphone! After that, SMILE LOCK informs the user when it is possible to proceed with charging, as well as the specific i-ROAD remaining charge volume and other data, with colored light displays


Confirm outlet availability using the application, then park the i-ROAD.


Tap the app status bar. Select the SMILE LOCK to be used for the charge, request clearance to proceed. When the indicated SMILE LOCK lights up in green, the charging can begin.


Insert the i-ROAD plug into the SMILE LOCK, and start charging.


The SMILE LOCK lights up in blue during the charge session, notifying the user of the remaining power volume.


Inserting a plug that has not been requested and authorized causes the SMILE LOCK to flash in a red light. This is a warning that no charging is possible.


When charging is complete, the use data is displayed on the smartphone.

Realizing stress-free use of power
with the “portability” concept.

For actual use, the SMILE LOCK is firmly mounted and fixed in place on a compatible outdoor outlet. Going forward, the idea is to bring even greater flexibility to this installation work. In the near future, for example, we envision making it possible for i-ROAD drivers to carry the SMILE LOCK units along with them, furnishing the option of charging up at any time and place, as desired.

Greater freedom in charging.

Smartphones, notebook computers and other information devices have become essential components in our everyday lives. For people active outside their homes and offices, the issue of “power charging” is no longer limited to electric vehicle drivers. Literally, charging has emerged as a pivotal concern for all of us, wherever we go.

While there are cafes and other shops where charging services are available, the existing state of the “charging environment” is hardly adequate by anyone’s definition. SMILE LOCK, enabling “users to pay only for the amount of power they charge,” holds the potential to effectively address this drawback. In a very real sense, introducing this single simple concept holds the key to bringing greater freedom and choices to all people in how they charge their vehicles and information devices.

Realizing a society where power
is shared with camaraderie and smiles.

Today, electricity is crucial for comfortable and convenient living. But even so, constructing new charging equipment can be a mighty task. At the same time, there is plenty of electricity available in our cities. Most all of the people living in urban areas, meanwhile, want and need to access such power. If a device could be developed to connect that power to the people who need it, clearing the way for mutual sharing of the power accessible around town, our lives and the society around us could certainly be enhanced.

What we are aiming for, therefore, is a society where everyone shares electricity with warm and smiling faces.

With the emergence of SMILE LOCK, we feel confident that a conclusive resolution to the urban power challenge is just around the corner.