Just what is “Dokodemo STATION”?



The prototyping stage of the OPEN ROAD PROJECT is being promoted in pursuit of the keynote concept of “Bringing greater freedom to urban mobility.” Within this vision, Dokodemo STATION (“Anywhere Station”) is one of the key support systems that continue to be fine-tuned and evolved, day in and day out. Simply stated, this is a proposal rooted in the quest for a “Future of shared electricity” keyed to the intrinsic fortes of the i-ROAD as an innovative new road vehicle.

The concept fueling this service is to achieve more fruitful use of aspects of urban infrastructure that, while familiar and often lying right nearby, have never attracted widespread attention or interest for their innate potential. Tapping into surprisingly unforeseen resources, largely tucked away in the midst of our bustling daily lives, through the steady transition to networking. What glimpses of the future will such initiatives yield?
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“Dokodemo STATION”


TEXT BY Keita Fukasawa (contributor)

ISSUED : 2 November 2015