Phase 3 i-ROAD Test Drive Pilots Get Out on the Road!

Test Drive Pilots

In this innovative initiative, Test Drive Pilots recruited from the general public board the “i-ROAD”,
a new motoring concept from Toyota built to bring greater latitude to urban mobility quest to open up
new doors to the future against the backdrop of the Tokyo metropolis.
The test drive period has already progressed through Phase 1 and 2, with the Pilots
from those runs generating a rich range of new discoveries, reports and other information.
Now, the project has moved into Phase 3. In this section, we are excited to present the latest impressions on the emerging
“Life with the i-ROAD” modes supplied by this latest crop of Test Drive Pilots, who are taking part in Phase 3.

Raising the curtain on this new month-long test-driving schedule, the Phase 3 Test Drive Pilots have forwarded us a steady stream of photos, comments and other details on their experiences. A diverse range of drivers, representing a variety of occupations and interests enjoy their driving by adapting the i-ROAD to their personal lifestyle needs. This is leading to hands-on experiences and keen takes on how best to deal with the emerging new era of “urban mobility.” In this report, we present a few selected messages submitted by these pioneers.


sanki_007This is a shot of an i-ROAD parked in an “urban niche.” It was submitted by a housewife who commented passionately about her desire to utilize the i-ROAD for shuttling her kids around town. “With my driving skills, this is a spot I would never be able to negotiate in a normal car. The narrow vehicle width of the i-ROAD also makes it possible to breeze right along, with no break in the traffic flow, even when other cars are parked on the curb and taxis are stopped waiting for fares. That’s what I call comfy driving!”

(October 6, 2015 Submitted by Tomohiro-san)

sanki_005“I motored around after dark, in the vicinity of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office Building. A tourist visiting from Taiwan took an interest in the vehicle, and asked me in broken Japanese: “Is this car supposed to be sushi?” I tentatively replied that I’d never thought of the vehicle in such culinary terms, but I’m still not very happy with my response.”

(October 4, 2015 Submitted by Morii-san)


sanki_009“A snapshot from our living room. Even the neighborhood stray seems fascinated with the i-ROAD. I’m equally head over heels for i-Road engineered for maximum fun and peace of mind out on the road!”

(October 10, 2015 Submitted by Itao-san)

sanki_011One of the Test Drive Pilots is a university professor, who took time out of his hectic everyday schedule to savor scenes around the city far different from those visible through the windows of normal cars. “Good morning! Excuse me for being personal, but I recently have a packed work schedule, I took my i-ROAD for an ‘early morning stroll’ to help unwind.”

(October 14, 2015 Submitted by Ono-san)


Test Drive Pilot Recruitment Continues

For your information, the recruiting of Test Drive Pilots will be continued through the summer of 2016, spanning eight separate phases in all.
During this period as well, Pilot applications may be made at the “Test Drive Pilot” website.
Combining the knowledge and impressions of Toyota as the manufacturer and consumers as the drivers, the mission is being sustained and enhanced to amass a new collective wisdom.
Please consider joining this exciting new project – an innovative endeavor sourced from the personal experiences of each individual participant.


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TEXT BY Keita Fukasawa (contributor)

ISSUED : 23 October 2015